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Maickel Siqueira
Junior Developer.
Toronto - CA

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About me
     I am a junior software developer that recently graduated from Seneca College with High Honors for Computer Programming. I am a globally-minded individual that loves to learn new things every day.
     Solving problems and finding bugs is what drives me. I truly believe we learn the most when things break and we need to fix them. I have a background in business, and I find that the way to approach solving problems is very similar to when coding. This thinking helps me to keep trying to see the big picture. I like to define myself as a: hardworking, focused, team-oriented, organized, flexible, and multi-tasker person.
     I am looking for a junior position in software development in any region of Canada to grow with your company.

  • Backend: Java, Spring, JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, NextJs, C++.
  • Frontend and JS Frameworks: HTML, CSS, React, Angular, Vue, Handlebars.
  • Database Languages: SQL (MySQL, SQL Developer, PostgreSQL), MongoDB.
  • General: Git, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, WSL, Maven, NPM, Bash, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop

Tune Chooser Picture
Tune Chooser

A project created to experiment with Spotify's API. It served as a practice on Angular, Angular Material, TypeScript, and plain CSS to customize it, This project can be checked running on Netlify.

Links: Netlify GitHub-Icon Backend GitHub-Icon Frontend

NY Restaurants Picture
NY Restaurants

List of restaurants provided by MongoDB's Atlas sample data. Built using React for Front-end, NodeJS/Express for Back-end, Leaflet for maps, MongoDB, and React Bootstrap.
This project can be checked running on Vercel.

Links: Vercel GitHub-Icon Backend GitHub-Icon Frontend

Green Meal Picture
Green Meal

This is a website created to simulate an e-commerce of meals. It has full CRUD features for both User data and Products data. It served as an assignment and a practice on NodeJS, Handlebars, Express, MongoDB, Session, BcryptJs for storing passwords and Bootstrap. Input validations on server-side.
This project can be checked running on Heroku.

Links: Heroku GitHub

Fake Butcher Picture
Fake Meat Butcher

This is another website created to a store of plant-base products. It has no database connectivity and all data is hard-coded in a javascript file and displayed dynamically with DOM. It uses only vanilla Javascript, HTML, and plain CSS without any frameworks or libraries. Input validations on client-side.
This project can be checked running on GitHub Pages.

Links: Website GitHub

My Finances Picture
My Finances

This is an CRUD web application with its back-end running on Java using Spring Boot as an API, and frontend using React. It stores financial transactions on PostgreSQL. Unit testing by Spring Test.

Links: GitHub-Icon Backend GitHub-Icon Frontend

Backend Api Picture
Banana Photo Store

Photo store project running Java Spring and MySQL for DB. Login Auth0 with Spring Security using tokens JWT and BCrypt. Image upload to Amazon AWS S3. Front-end with NodeJS using handlebars. Check the Github for more information. Both Front-end and Back-end are hosted on different Heroku servers.

Links: GitHub-Icon Backend GitHub-Icon Frontend Heroku

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